Inter Pares Project recommends… A Month of Making

S P A C E @ Clarence Mews
A MONTH OF MAKING: MAY 9th – JUNE 5th 2016

“Delve, draft, test, question, discard, run with or keep for later. This month offers a place where rawness, roughness and risk are encouraged and where everyone’s work will be respected and supported equally”.

4 Weeks
4 Individual studio sessions (4 hours per session)
4 Meetings on Thursdays with other artists facilitated by Caroline Salem
4 One-to-ones (30mins each or 2 x 60mins) to support your work before, during and after


Introductory gathering with all artists
Final work-in-progress studio presentation for a small invited audience

Call 07871190500 for chat or e-mail Caroline at

APPLICATIONS welcome from individuals, companies and collectives, working within and across all performance disciplines and genres.
To apply send
– CV and/or company profile
– Short creative statement
– Why you think this structure and context is good for you and your work at this time

Send to Caroline Salem:

COST: £220. Installment options available, eg. weekly payments of £27.50 paid over 8 weeks

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